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Welcome to a sustainable democracy, economy, future

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Welcome to one man’s quest for a sustainable democracy and economy – for a truly sustainable future. This quest advocates realistic and critical thinking and a political process which minimizes money and rigid ideologies.

Our present economic system is based on 18th Century assumptions about the Planet which are no longer valid in this 21st Century. I am working to make those assumptions (now ideologies) clear and evident, and to develop awareness of the need for a new set of operating assumptions valid for the 21st Century.

The RUN video - a Bioengineer runs for Congress

The RUN video – a Bioengineer runs for Congress

During 2012 I ran for US Congress as an unaffiliated candidate in Utah’s District 2, placing 4th in a field of 5. My platform and related materials are available at the 2012 Campaign Archive Tab at the top right of this page. Those materials, plans, and activities are being further developed and applied on this site.

Work with me. Read and distribute  The CALL and The RUN (my one-year experiment in Democracy).

Read my blog, and post Twitter alerts to these topics. Participate!

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Read The Call Download The Run Assumptions to Reality 1776 to today 2-25-2014

Recent Blog Posts:

Activism, Revelation, Change!

Activism, Revelation, Change   We live, fortunately, in a democracy. Although our representative democracy is abused, distorted, imperfect, and manipulated by plutocratic and ideological forces, it is our best means to facilitate change and deal with our serious planetary problems.   Our Nation is based on ideas and perspectives stemming from 1776 - based largely on European and traditional Christian values and assumptions. At that time, due to ‘New World’ and Colonial…

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Bill Barron – Delivering a Message on Climate and Carbon

Bill Barron is on the road again. This time it's a 600 mile ride through Utah's Second Congressional District - running and riding to deliver a message on climate. The nine day ride begins this Friday, Sept. 5, starting from the Salt Lake City Tracy Aviary parking lot at 2 pm and rolling into Tooele about 5 pm. Ride with him! The ride ends in Torrey on Sept. 13. Bill  will be stopping and taking questions - and photos - along the way. He’ll be stopping near high schools and city parks…

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7.2 Billion…Alan Weisman, Countdown, paperback 2014

Alan Weisman, Countdown, Back Bay Books, 2013 (paperback 2014).   Countdown is a very recent, complete, and extremely well-written discussion of world population issues, challenges, and approaches. Weisman traveled to 20 countries over two years, talked with a great many people - many of whom are profiled, discussed, and quoted - then produced 500 fascinating, substantive, and readable pages.   I like to skim books (‘So many books, so little time!’), often reading only…

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Investment, Divestment, Climate, and Economics

I was asked recently to provide input as to the advisability and practicality of a largely fossil-free investment fund. Here's my response: I assume a very low carbon  fund would be quite competitive with other funds in terms of returns, primarily because there is growing realization that most major fossil fuel-based firms are sitting on stranded assets, and thus will be devalued in the years ahead; that includes oil and gas (and especially fracking) as well as coal. As we move toward a…

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