Joe Who?

I am an emeritus professor of bioengineering at the University of Utah, having served in several administrative positions, including Dean of Engineering. I retired July 1, 2012, to run for US Congress as an unaffiliated candidate. I ran because I am very dissatisfied with the political process, with the two major parties, with money in politics, with the financial and tax policies which have resulted in the nation’s debt and have resulted in gross and unsustainable income divergence and inequality.

I am a scientist and engineer with books, patents, and scientific publications who now participates in meetings, hearings, and demonstrations related to environment and climate, energy, and related areas.

A fuller bio is at: .

I have a special interest in encouraging youth and adults who aren’t ideologues to participate in the political process.

The Call – Towards Personal Independence and Responsibility is a pamphlet I’ve written for teens and others to take control of their life and world. View or download The CALL –  please distribute it widely.

The RUN – a second e-book – presents my experiences and perspectives in running for major political office (here). It will be helpful to others considering a run, especially as independent or third party candidates.

I blog regularly on this site and tweet fairly regularly (@JoeAndrade2012 ). I regularly submit Opinions and Letters to major Utah newspapers, as well as to major national papers; I also submit to papers in Kentucky, Texas, California and other states with sub-marginal Congressmen (and women).

I am available for a lecture/discussion:

From Yesterday’s Assumptions to Today’s Realities – Towards a 21st Century Economy and Government   801-706-6747

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