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Who doesn’t like to shop? People love to go to the mall and buy bags full of clothes, especially when there is a discount. But they don’t realise it is all a trap to make them buy more. Discounts, freebies, and sale seasons make you feel as if you are saving money when in fact, they encourage you to buy more and spend on unnecessary amounts of luxuries. If you plan to shop but need to make sure that you don’t, here are some tips to follow the budget and spend carefully:

Check Your Wardrobe

Make sure that you check your wardrobe before you go shopping. Buy only what you need and not what you want. Festivities and special occasions call for extravagant outfits and heavy spending. But it is not ideal to satisfy your luxurious urges every time you go out.

Make A List

Try to make a list of things you need to buy and follow it. Sticking to the list will stop you from the excessive expenditure. A list helps people regulate their expenses and save a lot by suppressing your want to buy everything that catches your eye.

Decide The Market/Mall/Website

Make sure you decide the place where you want to do your shopping according to the price set by the sellers. Sometimes, brands that overprice their products, are often found in lavish malls. Due to this, even if you follow the previous steps, you will end up stepping over the budget. Also, you don’t want to exhaust your budget after striking just two-three items off the list.

Do Not Use A Credit Card For Payment

Do not carry a credit card while going out shopping. Since the credit system is designed in a way where your money doesn’t get instantly deducted from your bank account. It often gives people a feeling of false reassurance that they can spend as much as they want without any repercussions. Later, the monthly expenditure and the credit card bill together lead to you going “broke”.